3.4.20 Easter Home Learning Pack 3

3.4.20 Easter Home Learning Pack 3

Easter is the most important festival of the year for Christians. Christians believe Jesus rose again, giving people hope of a new life.

Watch the Easter story here:


Listen to the story. Reflect on the way that the story changes from sadness to happiness or from darkness to light. Paint or cut out some dark pictures then paint or cut out some brightly coloured ones. Talk about how it feels when something good happens after something sad. Currently in this sad time we are all at home, how does it feel to go out into the sunshine, to run around and feel free? How will it feel to come back to school to see and play with all of our friends again?


On the cbeebies site I especially like the third clip down titled ‘Easter Story’ where an artist tells the story through a sand picture.



Make a palm branch to wave on Palm Sunday.


Make a Palm Leaf


I wish you all a wonderful Easter.

Mrs A-E