Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April

Hello Everyone

I hope that you all had a really good Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine. Thank you all for sending me your work and pictures it looks like you have had a lot of fun.

All the staff have been having fun too!

Take a look at our video! I hope it makes you smile!

Our Padlet page is looking great! Well done for making bridges over Easter. They look amazing. I hope you had fun doing them.

Keep posting pictures to the page it’s lovely to see what you are all up to.

I shall be updating the website now on Monday Wednesday and Friday so check here for new activities.


We are going to start a new unit about Measurement, looking at Length and Height.

Please see the following link:

Year 2

This is the activity to go with the lesson



For writing I would like you to write a recount of your Easter holidays. Tell me all about what you got up to.



This is our chosen book for this half term. If you have it at home great if not click the link above for a you tube link. Please read this book in preparation for activities we are going to do based on the book.

For other activities including maths activities and phonics and spelling, here is a link to more activities:



Our new unit this term is Buddhism. It is important to learn about other religions and cultures and I am looking forward to learning about Buddhism with you. Please see the powerpoint below. There are some questions and acitivities to do through the powerpoint.

Outdoor activities


To start off our learning I would like you to go out and take some picture of different plants and flowers you can find in your garden or on your walks. I would then like you to list what flowers or plants you have found. Remember trees are plants! Some will be easier than others and you might have to do some research. I would also love it if you could plant your own seed or bulb so you can watch it grow. It will help us with our learning over this topic.


For Art I would like you to draw a real life picture of a flower or plant. This could be on a walk, in your garden or at home. Think of the shapes and the colours.


Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize lessons:

Finally today sees the launch of two exciting new resources to help you learn from home. The first is the Oak National Academy, a new online school which has daily English, Maths and Foundation lessons for each year group. Click on the links below to have a look at today’s lessons and to familiarise yourself with the website:

Year 2

BBC Bitesize are also delivering daily lessons on the TV, red button and online at:

 I am looking forward to seeing your work and don’t forget to email if you have any queries or need some advice!

Mrs Everard x