Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Everyone

It was so nice to speak to some of you today!

I am glad that you are all ok and keeping busy.

I am glad that you like the activities we are doing but don’t worry if you can’t do all of them. Just keep busy and try to do something every day

Here are some more things to keep you busy and thinking.


Our History Topic this half term is all about Travel and Transport. We will be looking at how it has changed over the years and when different transport was invented.
For your first task I would like you to speak to an older relative. Perhaps on the phone or video call or even in your house about how transport has developed and what they remember transport being like. How have things changed?
This half term we are looking at the weather. We have had glorious weather lately and I want you to record what the weather is like each day and eventually become weather forecasters! Your first task is to look through the powerpoint below on the different types of weather. I would then like you to record the weather each day. I have attached a sheet to use but you may decide to do this in your own way. I have added some ideas below for ways you can record the weather.
I love the weather stones so if you can find enough stones this would be a great way to record the types of weather 🙂





This week I would like you to do some cooking and make a pizza. I know a lot of you have been helping out in the kitchen and making things. Cooking is such an important life skill and its great to see you getting involved and learning recipes and how to make meals.
You can design your pizza and think about what you would like to have on your pizza. Perhaps think about who you is going to eat it and what they like on their pizza. Then you will need research how to make it. This could be using a cookery book or online. Perhaps you have made pizza before so you already know how to make it.


I am looking forward to seeing your pictures on padlet. If you prefer you can email them to me too!
Have fun
Mrs E x