Hello everyone!
I hope that you have all had a good weekend and are safe and well.
It’s hard to believe that we are entering our 7th Week of home learning!
Well done all of you I am so impressed by what you have done.
keep up the good work but don’t worry if you cannot do all of them. Just make sure to do a little maths, writing and reading as well as something practical.
I have really enjoyed catching up with you all and chatting. This week I will be sending you an email so keep your eyes on your inboxes.
Today’s tasks:
Last week you thought about what plants need to grow and I hope this will help you to look after your seeds that you planted. Remember to water them and make sure they get enough sunlight. I know some of you have already grown some plants and are using them in the kitchen!
For this week’s Science I would like you to label the parts of a plant. Have a look through the powerpoint below and then either use the template I have included or get creative and draw your own plant to label.



Today’s activity is to find out about some Early travel; the Viking Longboat.
I have attached a powerpoint you can look through to start you off. I would then like you research and find out some interesting information and facts about it so that you can create a mini fact file. I would like you to include a cover page, a drawing of a longboat and some facts about it. If you have the resources and feel like being adventurous why not try to make one!?
I have attached the powerpoint below and a pdf for an idea to make one along with a template.




I would like you to choose a character so an animal or mini beast from the book. Perhaps it will be Superworm himself or the bees or toad? I would then like you to research about them and create a mini fact file. For the Art element of it you will need to design your front cover and draw a picture of your chosen character. You will need a book or the internet to research. I have added a template to use or you can design your own.


I would like you to look at position and direction this week. I have added a powerpoint to start you off. There are lots of practical ways you can learn about this. I have added a ‘warm up’ presentation and then a further one. There are lots of activities on this so just choose the ones you want to do.



I know that some of you have been practicing your spelling and phonics. Have a look through this powerpoint and practice your sounds.


Don’t forget to practice spelling the high frequency words I sent home too.
Have fun
Mrs E x