Home Learning Activities 4th May 2020

Home Learning Activities 4th May 2020

Good morning Foxes,

Maths activities this week cover adding and subtracting with money and the 3 times table for the year 3s.  Year 4 have multiplication and division activities.

The English is going over punctuating direct speech, noun phrases, features of a recount and understanding reading for year 3.  Year 4 you have sequencing paragraphs, fronted adverbials, coordinating conjunctions, present and past tenses and reading for understanding.

Both year groups have similar activities.  These activities have been covered in class in the past.  Please don’t worry if you have forgotten. Don’t forget to click on the video links for guidance which are on the bottom of the parents pack.

There is a separate folder with VE Day resources.

Year-3-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack Year-3-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-4-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack Year-4-Week-3-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers

Have fun Mrs P