Monday 11th May 2020

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning Otters,

I hope that you had a super weekend and had lots of fun. I really enjoyed talking to many of you on the telephone and look forward to talking to more of you this week. It was great to receive emails and to see on Padlet all the wonderful things you are doing so I look forward to hearing more in this way too. Thank you everyone.


Reading and Phonics Year 1 and EYFS 

Remember to continue to use Oxford Reading Owl for more online books to read this week.

Daily phonic lessons from Letters and Sounds will support learning of new sounds which are needed to help with your child’s reading and writing.


Year 1

Maths This week you will be learning more about addition and subtraction, using them to solve word problems.

English Your learning this week is linked with geography. You will be writing about a picture of the desert, writing instructions, a poem and labels. At the end you will find a comprehension activity which might help you with each of the activities.




Science and Geography Linking with the desert theme in English I would like you to watch a PowerPoint about deserts and desert animals to help you understand the differences between where we live and the desert. The activity to go with this is matching animals. I have included a map of the world so that you can find where the African desert is situated.

Deserts ppt




Art and Music This week I would like you also to have a go at drawing a camel. The link shows you exactly how to do this!

Also I found a rather amusing song which I thought you might like to listen to. It is called ‘Walk like a Camel’. Perhaps you could tap out the rhythm to copy him walk.


For those of you who are enjoying the Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize which have fabulous daily lessons to support learning.



Maths In Maths this week we are continuing our learning of numbers to 20 and about measuring

English We are practising more of our Phase 3 graphemes



Geography and Science (The World)  Like year 1 I would like you and your child to watch the PowerPoint. They too can match the animals to their shadows.

Art and Music (Expressive Arts and Design) Again I am sure they, as year 1, would love to draw me a camel and listen to the clip ‘Walk Like a Camel’.


I hope you all have a super week and I look forward to seeing some of your work.

Mrs Axon-Eaves