Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Wednesday.
Here are some more activities to keep you busy.


Today is National Numeracy Day.
Take a look at the BBC learning page for some ideas.



This week we are going to learn about what plants we find in the kitchen. What different plants do you eat at home? What different plants do we use to make food? When you start looking and researching you will see that we use plants not only for food but to make all sorts of things. Have a look through the powerpoint below and see if you can find different foods in your kitchen made out of plants. You could take pictures of them or make a list and draw them.


Plants we eat Power point

Then see if you can complete this activity.

Plants we eat


Last term we looked at the country of Kenya. and learned all about what it was like there.
Take a look at this power point about the continent of Africa.

t-g-642-cbeebies-go-jetters-continent-of-africa-powerpoint_ver_8 (2)

Then have a go at one of these reading comprehension sheets.
There are 3 to choose from. The first one is the easiest!


Take care everyone
Mrs E x