Hello Everyone.

Happy Friday!
I hope that you have all had a good week. It was lovely to speak to some of you again this week.
Here are some activities for the weekend.


I would like you to join in with Arts for Kids Hub and draw a sunflower. This is a great channel on You Tube for lots of fun drawing and Art. He goes through each part step by step and it is lots of fun!


For this weeks cooking challenge I would like you to make chocolate crispy cakes. These are one of my favourite treats. You can decorate them with whatever you like or just leave them plain. I have included a link to a recipe but you may have already made these before or have your own recipe.

Chocolate crispy cakes


I know lots of you have been learning the common exception words I sent home and learning your phonics. This is really important to carry on with this each week. Try these websites for help with learning your phonics and spelling.



Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Mrs E x