Monday 18th May 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Hi there,

Here are the  packs for home learning this week. As I said in my email this morning I am adding links to the popular Letters and Sounds, Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize so that  the links are accessible for those of you that use them.

Reading and Phonics Year 1 and EYFS

Remember to continue to use Oxford Reading Owl for more online books to read this week

Daily Phonic lessons from Letters and Sounds will support learning of new sounds which are needed to help with your child’s reading


Year 1

Maths This week you will be learning  about length and height,  mass and comparing mass.

English Your learning this week has a pirate theme. You will be labelling a picture, writing instructions to make a treasure map, creating a ‘Wanted’ poster and writing an imaginative diary entry. The reading comprehension is about a pirate adventure and might help with the other activities.




Science Pirates live on ships sailing the oceans.  To link with this your science  is about identifying and naming a variety of fish. Can you describe these sea creatures? Watch this PowerPoint and see how you get on.

What can you see under the Sea ppt

Here are some activities you might like to do afterwards. This week you may choose!

Decorate a fish template

Pirate Finger Puppets

Draw a Treasure map

Pirate-Treasure-Map  This is to give your child an idea of what a treasure map might look like.


RE Our learning is continuing with Buddhism. This week we are learning about the celebration of Wesak – the PowerPoint will tell you all about it. Your activity this week is drawing yourself doing something kind.

Buddhism – Wesak ppt

Buddah kindness activity


If your child is enjoying the Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize please continue with those daily lessons. Here are the links again for you.



Maths This week we are continuing our learning of numbers and amounts to 20, subtraction and looking at time. Time is sequencing and matching events as well as measuring time.

English We are practising more of our Phase 3 graphemes




Science (The World) Like year 1, I would like you and your child to watch the PowerPoint and look at the different creatures that live deep down in the ocean. They can choose from any of the activities above or they may like to make a pirate stick puppet.

EYFS Pirate-Stick-Puppets


RE Continuing with ‘What makes Places Special?’ I would like your child to be thinking about somewhere which is special to them and why.

EYFS RE Week 5 Special Places


I hope that you all have a happy week of learning. Don’t forget to either email me or post some of your work on Padlet.

Happy Learning,

Mrs A-E