Hi Everyone

 I can’t believe that we are at the end of the half term already.
I would just like to say how brilliant you have all been and how proud I am of you all.
I think that you have been amazing.
Here are a some activities to keep you busy in half term.


To finish off our History topic I would like you to think of and design your own mode of transport. I would like you to then create a poster advert for your mode of transport, selling it to me. Perhaps you will design a flying carpet or flying bike or perhaps a hover board? I want you to think about how you can make your poster eye catching, informative and persuasive.
I am excited to see some of your ideas 🙂


I would like you to make a fruit salad! Please don’t go out of your way to buy fruit but if you have some different fruits at home or you are due to go shopping and can pick some up it would be lovely to see what fruits you put in. If you can’t make one just think about what fruits you would put in.
Make a list of the fruits you add or draw pictures.
I would like you to do some research on some different fruits too. What is the most unusual fruit you can find out about? What fruits have you not tried before?

Here are some colouring sheets for you as well.

Fruit colouring sheets

I hope you have a lovely Half Term and to finish off I would like you to watch this little video book if you are worried about the changes and what is happening in the world.

Take care everyone.
Mrs E x