Hello Everyone!

I hope that you had a great half term and did lots of fun things.
It’s time to get back into our learning.
Here are some activities to keep you busy.


Science: Uses of Everyday Materials: Identifying Uses Year 2 Lesson Pack 1

This half term we are gong to be investigating materials and their properties.
Watch this power point and then complete the worksheet.

Identifying Uses Lesson Presentation

Identifying Uses of Everyday Materials

Uses of Everyday Materials Photo Cards


preview of Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Activity PowerPoint

This week I would like you to learn about odd and even numbers.
Check out these two power points and then have a go at the worksheet.

t-n-5503-ks1-odd-and-even-powerpoint_ver_1 (4)

t-n-5503-ks1-odd-and-even-powerpoint_ver_1 (4)


BBC Bitesize has this cool game too.

Click to play the game

Karate Cats


This half term we are going to learn about Islam.

preview of EYFS All About Ramadan PowerPoint

All about Ramadan



Don’t forget to send me your work or upload it to Padlet.
Have fun everyone.
Mrs E