Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are all ok and keeping busy.
Here are some activities for Wednesday.
I would like you to watch Part 2 of George’s Marvellous Medicine with Rick Mayall and, if you have the book at home, read the next section all about how George makes his medicine!
He adds some very weird and gruesome ingredients.

I would then like you to do some role play called hot seating. This is where you ask someone questions as if they are a character from the book.
First I would like you to ask an adult to be ‘Grandma’ and you ask them questions to find out more about their character. Then swap and you become Grandma and your adult asks you questions. Think about Grandma and what she is like in the book when you are answering your questions.
The poster below will also explain what hot seating is.



To link with our George’s marvellous medicine story I would like you to learn about capacity.
Look at this power point and then complete the activities.

Potions power point




Surrealism lesson 2
Have a look at this power point about Joan Miro and then complete the activities.

#Lesson Presentation Surrealism

Activity Sheet Surrealist Picture Generator

Don’t forget to show your finished pictures on Padlet.
have fun
Mrs E x