Monday 15th June 2020

Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning Otters,

I hope you had a good week last week even though it was rather colder and an even better weekend out in the sunshine. Here are your learning packs for this week, so I hope you are ready for lots of super learning. Also on the website this week you will find a list of the order that we learn our phonics and a list of tricky words.


Reading and Phonics Year 1 and EYFS

Remember to continue to use Oxford Reading Owl for more online books to read this week

Daily Phonic lessons from Letters and Sounds will support learning of new sounds which are needed to help with your child’s reading.   This is what I am using in school with those children who have returned. It would be great if you are able to follow this.


Year 1 Maths for this week involves arrays, doubles, sharing equally and making equal groups – all preparing us for multiplication and division.

Year 1 English learning this week is about rhyming words and adding ‘s’ and ‘es’ to make a plural.




Year 1 Science This week in school we are learning about stick insects. I would like you to watch the Powerpoint and then complete the life cycle worksheet. Can you draw me a picture of a stick insect too? Year 1s can you also find out as many facts as you can about stick insects. You can present this anyway you would like to. Don’t forget to share this with me on the new Padlet page.


Stick insect life-cycle


For those of you who are following Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize  here are the links to those:



Maths you will be working out doubles and beginning to use money by first recognising coins then matching coins with items to buy. Why don’t you then set up your own shop at home and buy some things? Don’t forget to price your items and have some coins ready!

English Continuing on with phonics I would like you to match Phase 3 sounds, segment (breakdown) words for spelling, reading and writing captions. As a reminder last week I  attached a letter formation sheet as it is really important to form letters correctly from the start. In school this is always part of daily learning.



Science (Understanding the World) Please can you look at the stick insect PowerPoint and the life cycle worksheet. In the sentences box I would like the children to write ‘The stick insect is ….   ‘ (your child should be able to sound out those words, ‘the’ is a tricky word which I know they can spell!)   …long and thin,  ……looks like a stick, ….. is green.

Have a great time learning this week. Please let me know how you are getting on, on our new Summer Term Padlet page.


Mrs A-E