Monday 22nd June 2020

Monday 22nd June 2020

Good morning Otters,

I hope that you have all had a good week with your learning. In school we also were learning about doubles and sharing equally. Little Otters began learning about money just like you were at home. They were fascinated with the different pictures on each coin and amazed that every coin had the same image of the Queen’s head on the reverse side.

So, here is our learning for this week.


Reading and Phonics Year 1 and EYFS

Remember to continue to use Oxford Reading Owl for more online books to read this week

Daily Phonic lessons from Letters and Sounds will support learning of new sounds which are needed to help with your child’s reading.   This is what I am using in school with those children who have returned. It would be great if you are able to follow this.


Year 1 Maths for this week involves place value – counting to 100,partitioning numbers and comparing numbers

Year 1 English learning this week is adding -ing, -er, -ed and adding and removing un- . I would like you to do some creative writing by continuing a story and finally there is a reading comprehension activity.



Year 1 Science This week in school we are planting some late seeds. I would like you to watch the Powerpoint on parts of a plant and then complete the plant growth sequencing worksheet, maybe you could plant some cress seeds and keep a diary of its growth. There is a fun cut and stick activity too so that you can create your own flower. Don’t forget to share this with me on the new Padlet page.

Parts of a plant ppt

Putting together a flower

Plant growth sequencing activity

Growing cress diary 


For those of you who are following Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize  here are the links to those:



Maths you will be beginning to work out halves and carrying out some more learning on tall and short, long and short and capacity

English Continuing on with phonics I would like you to match Phase 3 sounds, segment (breakdown) words for spelling, reading and writing captions. 




Science (Understanding the World) I would like you to share the PowerPoint with mummy or daddy and then put together a flower as in the year 1 activities. You may like to plant some cress and keep a picture diary of how it grows. If you would like to do the plant growth sequencing activity that would be great. 

I wish you those of you learning at home a fabulous week.

From Mrs A-E