Monday 29th June 2020

Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning Otters,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend doing lots of exciting things. For those of you in school I look forward to hearing all about it!

For those of you continuing with home learning here are this week’s learning packs for you which are the same as I shall be using in school with those who have returned. Thank you for posting some fabulous work on Padlet – you are doing an amazing job!


Reading and Phonics Year 1 and EYFS

Remember to continue to use Oxford Reading Owl for more online books to read this week

Daily Phonic lessons from Letters and Sounds will support learning of new sounds which are needed to help with your child’s reading.   This is what I am using in school with those children who have returned. It would be great if you are able to follow this.


Year 1 Maths  this week is learning about ordering numbers and recognising money – both coins and notes.

Year 1 English learning this week involves questions, exclamation marks and full stops. We are looking at alphabetical order, continuing a poem  and finally there is a reading comprehension activity.



Year 1 Science Everyday in school we have been looking at the weather and making a note of this on our calendar. This week I would like you to watch the short PowerPoint ‘All about the weather’ and then choose from the activities below. There are several so you might like to work through them during the week. There is a weather display chart which you might like use to design your own.

All about the weather


Make a Rain Gauge

Todays Weather Display Chart

Watching the Weather

Weather record activity sheet

Weather word search


For those of you who are following Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize  here are the links to those:



Maths you will be practising to estimate and check a number of objects, one more than a number, addition and measuring.

English Continuing on with phonics I would like you to match Phase 3 sounds, segment (breakdown) words for spelling, reading and writing captions. 



Science (Understanding the World) I would like you to share the year 1 PowerPoint ‘All about the Weather’ and then choose from the same activities. I am sure you would enjoy making the rain gauge, a weather chart and keeping a diary of the weather this week.

I wish you all lots of happy learning this week – don’t forget to share some of your fabulous work on Padlet for me to see.

Mrs A-E