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Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday!

Top 10 Back To School Tips For Parents And Kids

I hope that you have all had a really good week. I am looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday. I know that you might be a little nervous about returning to school so I have included an e book and poem about returning to school. It will feel a little strange at first as there are some things that are different but it will be great to see your friends and you can tell me all about your adventures at home.




Joan MirĂ³, Exhibition, Sculpture, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam ...

Now that you have learned all about Juan Miro choose one of the challenge cards below to create your own piece of art work.

Miro Challenge Cards


This week I would like you to learn all about contractions.

PlanIt English Y2 Term 3A W4: Contractions Spelling Pack

Year 2 Term 3A Week 4 Presentation

Activity Sheet Crack the Code

Word Search contractions

Have fun everyone!
I will see some of you next week but I will still post work on here for those of you who are not returning so don’t worry.
Mrs E x