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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Monday!
 I hope that you all had a great weekend.
I am looking forward to seeing some of you today. If you are still at home here are some activities for you.


Why Are There So Many Recycling Symbols? - Swedbrand Group

This weeks science lesson is all about recycling. Have a look at the presentation which shows you how recycling works and then choose one of the sheets to complete.

Recycling Lesson Presentation

Recycling Sequencing Activity Sheets


This Is the Ideal Number of Hours to Work a Day, According to ...

This week I would like you to learn about hours and days.



KS1 Places of Muslim Pilgrimage Teaching and Task Setting PowerPoint

This week I would like you to learn about the Muslim Pilgrimage of Hajj.
Have a look at this power point and then complete the task it sets.


Have fun everyone and don’t forget to send me your work.
Mrs E x