Otter News 14th September 2020

Otter News 14th September 2020

Welcome back Otter Class.

It has been  fabulous to welcome all of our Year 1 Otters back to our classroom, and an absolute pleasure to welcome our new ‘Little Otters’ to their very first taste of school life. The new Little Otters have settled in really well which has been thanks  to Mrs McCallum our teaching assistant and to the year ones. You have all helped to do an amazing job. Thank you.

As we expected the children were shattered after their full week in school and were much in need of a good rest over the weekend. This week they have all bounced back, eager to find out what the week had to offer!

We have been following a recovery curriculum based on Oliver Jeffers book ‘Here We Are. Notes for Living on Planet Earth.’ Based on this book the Year Ones  have  drawn and written a reflection on being back at school, Prayers on looking after God’s Earth and a guide to aliens about what Earth is like!

Outdoors all the children have enjoyed playing in the ‘rocket’ that appeared, using the computer as launch controls, tool boxes for making last minute checks and negotiating the rickety moon surface! Some children chose to draw pictures of space.

A super week Otters. Well done!

Mrs Axon-Eaves