Otter News 24th September 2020

Otter News 24th September 2020

This week the Otters have been enjoying the great outdoors and have been making homes for creatures. The children looked at different habitats before building their own – some were imaginative and some were to place around our outdoor classroom. The photos show some exciting ideas the children had. They decided that we needed a  pond for the frogs so Mrs McCallum helped the children put one together. The children have been keen to look each day to see if they can find any signs of life amongst the pond weed!


Home for a gorilla                                Natural habitats for wild animals                    Ocean-scapes for dolphins and whales


A cave for a dinosaur                                      Our pond to attract pond life


Our fabulous Otters have also been working hard with their phonics this week helped by ‘Fairy Dust’ who now has her own comfortable arm chair to sit in! The Y1 Otters are keen to recognise and talk about capital letters at the beginning of sentences, exclamation marks and question marks. Well done and we all know that a question requires an answer! Little Otters are loving learning their first few sounds.

In maths we have been comparing numbers and objects while in English we have started reading the Little Red Hen. In Art and Design they have all made amazing ‘Little Red Hens’.

Brilliant week Otters.

Mrs A-E