Otter News 1st October 2020

Otter News 1st October 2020

Otter Class has continued to have a busy week continuing their learning through The Little Red Hen. They have been finding out about growing wheat and what flour is used for. The year 1s have labelled a diagram, created their own spider diagrams and been learning about sentence structure. At the same time they have been concentrating on letter formation. The Little Otters have enjoyed joining in with the PowerPoint presentations, posters and books.

One afternoon we saw a tractor working in the field by school so with our coats on we headed off to the far end to watch it! Although they have all seen tractors before it became more meaningful with the learning that afternoon!

All of the Otters have been working with numbers – recognising, counting, ordering them and working with a number line in various ways.

In RE we have been learning about the story of Creation. The Little Otters used a story wrap for theirs, choosing objects from a bag which they felt represented the seven days that God created the world. Leo retold the story using the materials to the Year 1s. Thank you Leo, that was brilliant.

Finally the fairies visited our sandpit outside which offered a magical time for everyone – lots of imaginative play and story telling.



The fairies moved into our sandpit!

                                     Tractor at work   

Bug hunting                                                         Ordering  numbers