Otter News 8th October 2020

Otter News 8th October 2020

Otter Class have had a busy time over the last week both indoors and in our outdoor classroom. Each morning the children enjoy reading a story together under our story tree; they talk about the story, practise reading and have the opportunity to share some similar experiences. One of the stories that they shared is The Toy’s Party. This set our focus for the week especially because two Little Otters celebrated their 5th birthday – Leo and Pixie. Happy Birthday to you both!

We played food games and decided to make the cake that was made in the story. The children all had a turn to put the ingredients into the bowl before helping to stir it. As the ingredients were put into the bowl Odin carefully read the story to us. When it was all mixed together the children had the opportunity to taste it – the brave amongst us did! Wow Otters, a little sweet for me but quite unique!

The ingredients were: cornflakes, jam, milk, tomato sauce, baked beans and sugar.

We also had the story ‘Thank you for our loaf of bread’. The children discovered that there is more to buying bread in the supermarket; they found that the actual  thank you was to God who sent the rain and the sunshine which the wheat needed in order to grow. We followed the journey of the wheat to the farmer, the carrier, the grain store, the miller, the baker, the shopkeeper and finally to mums, dads and Mrs Park, in our kitchen, who bought the loaf of bread which we ate.


The Toys’ Party Cake