Harvest News 15th October 2020

Harvest News 15th October 2020

This year we decided to create our Harvest display based on the story of The Little Red Hen. The Little Otters have made headbands while the year 1 children cut out and assembled pictures of the Little Red Hen. We discussed whether or not the  animals should have helped her or not. They decided that helping someone is a kind thing to do, so they all wrote why they would have helped the Little Red Hen with planting, watering, cutting, carrying and making the bread. Otters wrote some amazing reasons why they would help. What a fabulous group of kind, caring children you are!  We have also made a display of their work in the classroom.

The children have also enjoyed finger painting a stalk of wheat from first hand observations. When our clay models of the windmills have been painted we are going to add them to our displays.

We have been looking at the local environment and at the changing colours of autumn; using this as our starting point they sponge painted the word     ‘H a r v e s t’    which we have displayed on the windows of the hall to remind us all of this very special and important time of the year.

I personally would like to say a huge thank you to all of Otter class parents for your overwhelming generosity of donations for the local food bank. I know they will be especially delighted to receive all of the donations this year as it has been a very hard one for many, many people. Thank you.

Mrs A-E



Our Harvest window sign                                               The generous donations from you all. Thank you