Otter News 5th November 2020

Otter News 5th November 2020

All of Otter Class have returned to school after the half term break ready and eager to learn. This week we have been finishing off our work from the story of the Little Red Hen. You can watch them retelling the story at the bottom of this post! It has been a week where we have been learning about bread from around the world; this we will be adding to our class world map.

First we discussed bread that they already knew: white bread, brown bread, fruit bread, apple bread … and so our list went on. They were amazed to find out that there were so many they actually knew but hadn’t realised that they originated from outside of England! For example baguettes from France and naan bread from India. We continued our investigation and found that bread sticks originated in Italy, tortilla from Mexico and croissants from Austria. We continued our research and found that there is corn bread which comes from America, pumpernickel bread from Germany, soda bread from Ireland and scones originated in Scotland!  All that now remains is to taste them and try to remember where these countries are located on the map of the world!  Lots of learning this week. Well done Otters.

Little Otters particularly enjoyed using different media to create pictures of fireworks in the night-time sky; they printed using paint and cardboard tubes and  smudged chalk for a smoky effect. This has been a great way to talk about staying safe around fireworks and staying safe in the dark as the evening are beginning to close in.

Great week Otters. Well done to you all.

The Little Red Hen