Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

This week Otters have been learning about Remembrance Day which has been through assemblies, stories, art work and a very meaningful video.

Mrs Nichols’ assembly on Monday was our starting point for the week, although it had been talked about last week when our box of poppies arrived in class. First we linked our learning to the outdoors where we used sticks and red wool to create our poppies in true Forest School style. Outdoors the children also created  some amazing poppy artwork printing a field full of poppies throughout continuous provision, whilst indoors they used silk petals, straws and counters on log slices. Colouring by numbers and word searches were also completed. During a class assembly the children cut out red hearts which were then assembled to make poppies for a classroom display. We also joined in with an ‘on location’ assembly from Mrs Nichols who was recording ‘live’ from the church at Great Maplestead.  We hope you like the photographs at the bottom of this post.

We watched a short film of how the animals may have been affected by the war. I was overwhelmed with the fabulous discussion that followed. The children noticed how the scenery changed from beautiful to gloomy and back to beautiful again, how the birds flew away and then looked like aircraft flying overhead, how the animals hid and trembled under a helmet. They thought that the helmet must have belonged to a soldier who had been hurt and probably died. They spotted as bombs were dropped and exploded that the film shook. They noticed how the land changed from grass to possible mud and back to grassland again when the sun started to shine. A brilliant discussion and great learning, well done all of you fabulous Otters.

Finally, we all sat so quietly and so still for the 2 minutes silence and continued that way whilst they listened to The Last Post.

I am so proud of all of you this week. Super Remembrance Day work which have made super displays in the hall windows for all parents to see when bringing the children in and collecting them from school.

Mrs A-E