Stir It Up Monday! 26.11.20

Stir It Up Monday! 26.11.20

Otters have been enjoying all areas of our outdoor classroom this week.

Sunday was Stir It Up Sunday which is a tradition that goes back to Victorian times when the family would gather together to stir the Christmas pudding five weeks before Christmas. On Monday we did just that in our mud kitchen. The children used mud, water, sand, sprigs of rosemary and chopped stems for their ingredients. The photographs below show the process and the giant pudding which they made. (Mrs McCallum was only needed to help turn it out of the bowl.) It was then carefully and skilfully decorated with freshly picked leaves! What a whopper! Well done!

The children all designed a Christmas cake on a paper template; their designs were amazing. We had everything from Santa, his elves, reindeers, Christmas trees, even Mary, Jesus and the donkey.  Photos to follow.

Mrs Nichols shared photos of our Christmas pudding and Christmas cakes during our on-line mid-week assembly which takes place with St Giles’ School.

The children have also been very busy rehearsing for our very own Nativity play. Filming began today. I am sure that we will have many proud mummies and daddies when our film is ‘released’. (Better stock up on the tissues while you can!)

A great week Otters, well done, you have been incredible, all week.

Mrs A-E