Christmas has arrived! 4th December 2020

Christmas has arrived! 4th December 2020

It has really felt like Christmas in Otter Class this week.

Firstly we have been busy rehearsing for our Nativity including dress rehearsals and recording. All I can say is that there are 18 stars out there ready to burst their way onto the Broadway stage!

On Tuesday 1st December the children arrived to find a Nativity scene set up in the classroom, an advent calendar, a twinkling Christmas tree with the all important elf sitting on the top of it. We also began our journey around the world with our MAF Flying for Life Advent calendar by watching a daily video of where medical care and support is being delivered to those in remote areas of the world. The children are enjoying discussing what they see and comparing it to previous days and to our life style and environment here in the UK.

After our Advent assembly which included chalk wording from both our school and St Giles’ the Year 1 children wrote Advent promises on candle shaped paper whilst the Little Otters carefully coloured candles in pink or purple. These have made a super display in our classroom.

With the arrival of the Christmas tree, Otters have been busy making their decorations. On small golden wreaths they threaded red ribbon, decorated them with a red bauble and fresh rosemary cut from our class garden. The smell that day in our classroom was lovely. You all did so well; I hope that you have all enjoyed showing your mums and dads which one you made!

Finally to end the week the SNOW came! We had great fun playing in it and building snowmen. A great end to the week and to the start of Christmas.

In case you are wondering about our elf, he is very clever and can be quite mischievous but never naughty! I am so glad he had hidden his eyes and ears on Friday so he couldn’t hear the children tell us of all the things your elves at home have been doing!!

I hope you enjoy our photographs this week.

Mrs A-E