11th December 2020

11th December 2020

Every week Otter Class work really hard. This week has been no exception!

Each day we have managed to either rehearse or film our Nativity, which is now completed and being edited by our music teacher, Mr Munson. Next week we shall be able to share our fabulous production with you.

During assemblies we have now ‘lit’ two candles – the candle of Hope and the candle of Peace. In our Nativity it is clear to see the ‘peace’ portrayed in the stable in Bethlehem after Jesus had been born.

On Wednesday we all settled down to watch the on-line pantomime ‘Cinderella’. We tried to emulate the excitement that a visit to the theatre brings by sitting on chairs in a darkened room with a surprise bowl of popcorn! The children enjoyed it very much. On Friday it was a joy to see the children’s enthusiasm as they told Mrs Nichols all about their favourite bits in our classroom.

Between rehearsals and filming the children listened to the story of ‘Stickman’ and made their very own. They dressed them however they wished using fabric, wool and buttons. During the week they have played with their stickman and stick woman indoors and out. It was a brilliant opportunity to learn more about respecting and not touching models made by other children in case they get damaged. With Covid-19 their own personal stickman, that no-one else has touched, has been brilliant for us in school. Great imagination in dressing them and in playing with them. Well done.

As promised here is our 12 days of Christmas display boards in the hall. Days 1,2,3 by Otter Class, days 4,5,6 by Robin Class, 7,8,9 by Fox Class and 10,11,12 by Owl Class. They add a festive touch to the hall when we are eating our lunch.

Fabulous week Otter Class well done.

Mrs A-E