Welcome back to the Spring Term😃

Welcome back to the Spring Term😃

I do hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas and ready for  what is going to be a very different way of learning. Our learning this term will be via Google Classroom.

Last week was a huge learning curve for us all, for me as a teacher and you as parents as online learning began. We are now setup to deliver an online curriculum  and I am sure that the provision will be much better than during the last lockdown. Thank you for your patience whilst we have sorted problems – technical and otherwise!

Each day will be as close as I can get it to normal learning. There will be ppts, videos and detailed explanations  explaining your maths, English, phonics, in fact all areas of the curriculum – reading included! There will be live teaching sessions each day and you will be invited to join our online assemblies. Activities will be posted which when completed should be ‘turned in’ to me for marking or you can photograph them and send them back that way. If Little Otters would like to share any additional activities and learning they have been doing at home please feel free to add them to Tapestry.

Wishing you all a fabulous term ahead as an exciting new way of learning unfolds.

Mrs A-E