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Wonderful World Verses

I understand the video of all the children reciting their verses on the 25th September doesn’t work for some of you.  Therefore, I am uploading them individually.  Hopefully, this time you will be able to hear their wonderful efforts. IMG_2467 IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2473 IMG_2475 IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480 IMG_2481 IMG_2484 IMG_2490 IMG_2492 IMG_2493 IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 …

Foxes Harvest Assembly 2020

ONXU0199 Please click on the above link to watch our Harvest Assembly.

Harvest Poems 16-10-20

We would like to thank you for the generous donations for Braintree Food Bank, you were all very kind.    The children have created some wonderful Harvest poems.  We hope you enjoy reading them.      

Foxes PE Fun!

Foxes enjoyed an impromptu PE session today.  They made their own obstacle courses, developed their football and basketball skills as well as hula hooping and skipping.  They worked really well together in their groups and had lots of fun.   .


We said goodbye to Freddy today and wished him good luck in his new school.  We know he is looking forward to being closer to home. The children all wrote a special message for him.  He enjoyed the lovely cakes from Arabella as well as  the popcorn and squash from us. Freddy will always be …

Foxes Names!!

The children really enjoyed designing their name plates during the month of September. As you can see a lot of thought and care went into their creations.  

Foxes 25th September

Foxes are really excited to share with you their learning. Firstly, you will be able to hear their verses created in the style of ‘What a Wonderful World’. They had enjoyed watching the David Attenborough film clip and the great Louis Armstrong rendition. I’m sure you will agree their verses are indeed wonderful.  Please click …

Fox News 18th September 2020

Welcome to our first update of the school year. The children are settling into Fox Class life very well.  They are getting used to the routines and rigour required to be a Funky Fox! They are very aware of how to stay safe and keep others safe and have produced some great posters to help …

Parents be Internet Legends this summer!

Be Internet Legends from Google and Parent Zone teaches children to become safer and more confident online by encouraging them to follow a simple code: Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave. As parents, you’re the experts on your children. These resources are designed to support what you’re doing at home – and help you make …

6th July learning packs

Year-4-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack Year-4-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers Year-3-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack Year-3-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers

The story of the feeding of the 5,000 Mark 6.30−44

The marvellous picnic (9 July 2020) The story of the feeding of the 5,000 Mark 6.30−44 The_marvellous_picnic_homeschool_activities

Learning packs 29th June

Here are the learning packs for this week.  Happy learning! .Year-3-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack Year-3-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-4-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack Year-4-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers

Fun science 4!

Here are some more fabulous science activities for you to try at home. Good luck, don’t forget to upload pictures to our Padlet page or send to me. Have fun!

Jesus and the taxman!

The story of Zacchaeus Luke 19.1−10        

Jesus’ Special Friends

The story of the first disciples Luke 5.1−11 Please watch the video and then answer the questions on the sheets below. There are some fabulous craft activities as well. Jesus_special_friends_homeschool_activities  

Home learning packs 22nd June 2020

Here are the learning packs for week 9 of the summer term. Year-3-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack Year-3-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-4-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack Year-4-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a chance to show our dads some appreciation. Fathers in the Bible are sometimes fantastic role models – but sometimes not so much. Can you identify these biblical fathers and their children?

Thoughtful Songs

Here is a link to a couple of really lovely, thoughtful songs that I would like you all to try your best to learn. We shall be singing them once we are all back together.  Thank you Rubi for sharing them with me.  

Discussion Pictures

Here are the snapshots we discussed during the Zoom meetings today. It will be great to see what you write about them.  Remember you can email to me  or post on Padlet.