Our curriculum is brand new and is built upon the 2014 National Curriculum.  We have worked with national curriculum experts including Chris Quigley to refine the curriculum we offer, ensuring that we provide our pupils with the knowledge and experiences they need to succeed.

St Andrew's has developed this curriculum so that it makes links between subjects, deepening knowledge of the world and extending cultural knowledge.  This includes essential books, artists and music as well as general knowledge and understanding of the world.

This knowledge in underpinned by spiritual experiences that seek to connect pupils with the world around them and extend their horizons to see what is possible.  This is reflected in the range of visits and visitors that we plan so that learning is real and can inspire pupils to make the most of themselves.

These curriculum sequences are current for 2019-2020 and will be reviewed in the summer term 2020 ready for the new academic year.

Broadening horizons - Otter EYFS

Broadening horizons - Otters Year 1

Broadening horizons - Robins Year 2

Broadening horizons - Foxes Year 3 & 4

Broadening horizons - Owls Year 5 & 6


Reading and Phonics in KS1

At St Andrew's  we follow the DfE letters and Sounds programme in Reception, Year 1 and 2.  This is complimented by the 'Talk Boost' programme which promotes listening and understanding language.

We use a variety of reading schemes to support reading, fluency and comprehension.  These include Oxford Reading Tree, ProjectX,and Collins Big Cat.  reading is such an important skill, the school invests in the premium library service package.  This provide a range of benefits which includes access to online fiction express and the expertise of the Librarian. This enhances our reading resource and enables us provide quality be up to date material for children to read.

Sports Funding

St Andrew’s funding 2019-2020 £16,366

Provision Support Cost
Sports Coach Specialist Sports Coach for 1.5 days.  Each class to receive one session plus KS2 after school club. £8175
Attendance at sports events Salary for staff and mileage for transport to attend competitions £1774
Top up Swimming Provide additional swimming lessons beyond the National Curriculum requirements to ensure a good level of competency for children. £1000
Outdoor learning Salary costs for member of staff to facilitate outdoor learning for Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2children £4067
Outdoor learning Transport costs to attend Forest School    £90 per session £1350
Total spend £16,366
Unallocated funds as of December 2019 £0
Impact Sports Coach and Attendance at Sports events

All children have enjoyed and are active participants in sports sessions.  The after school club is well attended with 26 children on the club register.  The school achieved success in reaching the Essex County Schools Final for Girls Cricket, were District winners in Dodgeball as well as attending a vast range of sports activities.


All KS2 children received a course of 10 lessons which included life-saving activities and building stamina in the water in distances over 25m.

Forest School

Children have regular access to the wood in Gestingthorpe for Forest School


Swimming Competency 2018-2019
Year 6 No in Cohort: 5
Description Number of pupils
Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 4
Use a range of strokes effectively 4
Perform self-rescue in different water-based situations 4