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The SEN team is led by Mrs Nichols, Executive Headteacher and SenCo.  If you have any queries relating to SEN please contact Mrs Kate Felton, Assistant SenCo in the first instance.  Tel:  01787 460481 (St Giles’) or 01787 372383 (St Andrew’s).

SGASA SEND Policy and Information Report 2019


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2022 

St Andrew’s School funding 2019-2020 £8,900

At St Andrew’s we believe that access to quality teaching first is the best way for children to achieve. This includes building ‘Cultural Capital’. We believe, confirmed by our work in the summer term 2019 with Chris Quigley that children’s background knowledge; including the types of activities and experiences that parents provide for their children in ‘non-disadvantaged households’ are a crucial factor in academic success.
At St Andrew’s, there are a small number of children whom attract the additional funding from the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). 5 in St Andrew’s. Therefore, as well as the focus on quality teaching and provision, children need to be known as individuals and their needs assessed and then addressed.
Quality First teaching The school has maintained 2 classes in KS2 despite low numbers of pupils. Children receive more individual time with their teacher
Attachment Awareness training Disadvantaged children are more likely to experience attachment difficulties and find building relationships with people challenging.  By raising understanding of these children, the care and support given to them is more informed and effective.
Mental Health and Well-being The school employs a family support worker to provide additional support for children experiencing difficulties.  These include 1:1 or group session as well as support for parents.
Date of next review Summer 2020
Measuring impact Children’s progress is assessed using ‘Milestones’

The number of incidents recorded tracks behaviour and the success of the strategy

Individual children and families self-referred or school referred (with consent) have been provided with bespoke, early support.  This either enables onward referrals to be made to get more specialist help or has solved problems successfully enabling children to focus better on learning.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019

Sports Premium Strategy 2019