Below is our Governing Board for The Federation of SGASA.

The Governing Board consists of twelve members.  The Board meet six times a year.  Responsibilities are held by the Full Governing Board and not delegated to committees. The Full Governing Board appoints members to working parties as required, who are tasked with specific duties. These working parties do not make decisions, but report back to the Full Governing Board.

Governor Category Date Appointed Term of Office Expiry Date
Mrs Penny Doe

Chairman of the Governing Board

Authority 03.09.2017 03.09.2021
Mrs Jinnie Nichols

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Cathryn Benefer Co-opted 22.01.2019 22.01.2023
 Mrs Carol Everard

Deputy Executive Headteacher

Co-opted 18.09.2017 18.09.2021
Mrs Helen Padgett Co-opted 18.09.2017 18.09.2021
Mrs Victoria Stokoe Co-opted 18.09.2017 18.09.2021
Mr Nick Ellis Foundation Ex-Officio
Mrs Corinna Brown Foundation P.C.C. 31.08.2017 31.08.2021
Mrs Carol Brownlie Foundation P.C.C. 31.08.2017 31.08.2021
Mr Mark Pearson Parent 22.01.2019 22.01.2023
Mrs Tina Harvey

Mr Martin Crisp







Mrs Joanne Dobinson Staff 31.08.2017 31.08.2021
Mrs Becky Poynter

Clerk to the Governing Board

Name Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest 
Mrs Penny Doe Nil
Mrs Jinnie Nichols Nil
Mrs Cathryn Benefer Nil
Mrs Carol Everard Nil
Mrs Helen Padgett Nil
Mrs Victoria Stokoe Nil
Mr Nick Ellis Castle Gent Builders Builders Director 2015 Ongoing
Colne Valley Railway Charity Education Officer 2012 Ongoing
Mrs Corinna Brown Nil
Mrs Carol Brownlie Nil
Mr Mark Pearson Nil
Mrs Tina Harvey Nil
Mrs Joanne Dobinson Nil
Mrs Becky Poynter Unity Schools Partnership Mult Academy Trust Governance Advisor 01.09.2016 Ongoing
Belchamp Consulting Service Financial & Educational Consultancy Company Secretary 01.05.2003 Ongoing
National Leader of Governors Governance Advisor Governance Professional 01.05.2015 Ongoing

Please click on the link below at access the Annual Governance Statement for 2019.

Annual Governance Statement 2020

Currently none of the governors have a role in other educational institutions. There are currently no material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

SGASA Governing Body Attendance 2019/20