Jesus and the taxman!

The story of Zacchaeus Luke 19.1−10         Views: 15


Hello Everyone. Happy Wednesday! I hope that you are well and enjoying the lovely sunny weather. Here are some activities for Wednesday. Geography For geography today you will need an atlas or road map book. If you haven’t got one then don’t worry just look at the power point and learn about how an atlas …


Hello Everyone! Welcome to Monday and a new week. I hope that you are all well and have had a great weekend. Here are some activities for Monday. Science This week we are looking at the suitability of materials and whether things are made out of the right material. Have a look at this power …

Monday 22nd June 2020

Good morning Otters, I hope that you have all had a good week with your learning. In school we also were learning about doubles and sharing equally. Little Otters began learning about money just like you were at home. They were fascinated with the different pictures on each coin and amazed that every coin had …

Jesus’ Special Friends

The story of the first disciples Luke 5.1−11 Please watch the video and then answer the questions on the sheets below. There are some fabulous craft activities as well. Jesus_special_friends_homeschool_activities   Views: 26

Zoom Guidance

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Home learning packs 22nd June 2020

Here are the learning packs for week 9 of the summer term. Year-3-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack Year-3-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-4-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack Year-4-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers Views: 16

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a chance to show our dads some appreciation. Fathers in the Bible are sometimes fantastic role models – but sometimes not so much. Can you identify these biblical fathers and their children? Views: 18


Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I hope that you have all had a good week. Here are some activities for the weekend. Art I would like you to look through the powerpoint and learn about how artists make their own books. Then I want you to have a go at some object printing. Choose objects around …

Thoughtful Songs

Here is a link to a couple of really lovely, thoughtful songs that I would like you all to try your best to learn. We shall be singing them once we are all back together.  Thank you Rubi for sharing them with me.   Views: 26


Hello Everyone.   I hope that you are all ok and keeping safe. Here are some activities to keep you busy on Wednesday. Geography Remember when we learned about position and direction in maths? Look at this power point again. t-n-2544854-year-2-position-and-direction-warmup-powerpoint_ver_7 (1) In geography we use compass points to find our way around. Look at …

Discussion Pictures

Here are the snapshots we discussed during the Zoom meetings today. It will be great to see what you write about them.  Remember you can email to me  or post on Padlet. Views: 19

The Eucharistic Prayer

This is a really lovely Assembly from Reverend Gill where she explains The Eucharistic Prayer.   Views: 20


Hello Everyone! Welcome to a new week. I hope that you are all well. Here are some activities to keep you busy. Science The second lesson in our materials project is called Out and About. It is a bit like a treasure hunt where you have to go outside and spot different materials being used …

Phonemes and Graphemes

For those teaching at home, phonemes / graphemes / diagraphs / trigraphs  may be a whole new learning experience. I do hope that this helps. A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound. Phonemes are put together to make words. A grapheme is a way of writing down a phoneme. Graphemes are made up of …

Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning Otters, I hope you had a good week last week even though it was rather colder and an even better weekend out in the sunshine. Here are your learning packs for this week, so I hope you are ready for lots of super learning. Also on the website this week you will find …

Home learning packs 15-06-20

Find below the home learning packs for this week complete with guidance for parents. Year-3-Week-8-Home-Learning-Pack Year-3-Week-8-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-4-Week-8-Home-Learning-Pack Year-4-Week-8-Home-Learning-Pack-Guidance-and-Answers Views: 24

Fun Science Experiments

Here are some more fun science experiments using items you have at home. Remember to send me some pictures or place onto our Padlet page of any that you do. Happy Learning!! Views: 17


  Hello Everyone! I hope that you have had a great week. Here are Friday’s activities. DT and Maths  I would like you to make your very own Marvellous Medicine! Think about what you are going to put in it to make it marvellous. Perhaps you want to make it gruesome :). I would like …

Activity sheets from Zoom meetings

During our meetings on the 10th we looked at these activity sheets. Here they are for you to choose what activities you would like to have a go at. Don’t forget to send me pictures. . Views: 17