Hello, Owl Class and Owl Parents! 

So, we arrive at the end of a school year once again – and what a year it has been!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being so supportive during this strange time, it has been very odd and an experience I don’t think I will ever forget! But, it has been made easier because of you all. So, thank you.

We say a fond farewell to Miss Harley this week, as she departs for a new adventure in another school. We shall miss her jokes and her wonderful displays ( which I claim as my own, obviously..!!! ) 

The work remains on the website over summer, so please take a look and complete the parts you have not done. 

Until September, then. Take care and have a good holiday.

Love from,

Mrs H x


Well, our final home learning pack is here! I hope you have all managed to complete some of the packs over the past weeks, they will remain on here during the holidays if the mood takes you to have a go – they will be useful to get your brain into gear for a school return in September! 

We are looking forward to our (slightly altered) year 6 leaver’s balloon release and sending our wonderful year 6 children on the next part of their journey! 

Take care over the summer and enjoy the time with your families, with – I hope – slightly less pressure to complete work! 

Stay Safe,

Mrs H x

To celebrate ‘French Week’, the learning packs are all related to the beautiful country of France!!


I hope you have had a wonderful week, and are rip roaring ready for week 6 of this half term! 

please find below, links to the learning packs for this week, and would like you all to visit fiction express and TT Rockstars at least ONCE this week. Don’t forget, I can check to see if you’ve logged in…!! 

We are six strong in class now, and it’s been fantastic to see all the new faces arrive this morning. The school ‘sounds’ and feels busier today! 

Have a lovely week, everyone. Stay safe! 

year 5 – 

Year-5-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack Year-5-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers

year 6 – 

Year-6-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack Year-6-Week-11-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers

Mrs H x




The weather has changed, the wind is blowing… but we are all still smiling here at school! 
I hope this message finds you all well and raring to go for another week. It’s almost July and we are more than halfway through the year now.
The learning packs for this week are below, please have a look through them and keep your brains active, guys! 
I have also included some TT rockstars worksheets  with questions, so you can time yourself and see if you are a ROCK LEGEND! 
How are your food projects coming along? Please send me updates! 
Love, Mrs H x

YEAR 5:  Year-5-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-5-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack

YEAR 6: Year-6-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-6-Week-10-Home-Learning-Pack

TT ROCKSTARS SHEETSFull Programme – 5 sessions_week – questions

Good morning, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed yourselves! Here are the learning packs for this week, and also a link to find them all if you’ve missed any of the previous weeks! 
I hope your food projects are coming along well – please post them on our padlet. If you haven’t taken a look at the Padlet page, please follow the link I send in your correspondence this week, It’s secure and it is so wonderful to see what you are all up to! 
Have a wonderful day, guys – keep smiling and happy. 
Love Mrs H x
YEAR 5 –  Year-5-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-5-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack
YEAR 6 –  Year-6-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack-Parent-Guidance-and-Answers Year-6-Week-9-Home-Learning-Pack
Welcome to week 3 of real and virtual school! I can’t quite believe we have already completed two weeks of this last half term – it is really flying by! 
In school, we have been inventing new socially distant games to play, and adapting some of our favourites. Year 5, this week I would like you to invent a game we could pay in these times of Pandemic, and create the rules for your game too! 
Come up with a name for your game (ours is called ‘Vortex’!) and you’ll need to write the instructions about how to play it. Email or Padlet your ideas, and we will play them and choose a winner! 
Have fun! 
Mrs H & Yr6 x

Hello my lovelies! Well, one young lady has set a very high bar with her completed food project… and the snack tasted YUMMY!!

Don’t forget – you need to have your snack name and company name ready for Friday, and a description of what you are making.

See you tomorrow!
Mrs H x


The summer reading challenge is here!!
Click this link to see how it will work digitally this year! 




What an amazing week we had last week… It’s a strange new world, that’s for sure!!

I hope this finds you all well and refreshed from a weekend of much-needed rain. My tomatoes were completely excited for a refreshing downpour, and my strawberries have begun to go red AT LAST!!

Have you grown things during lock down? If so, post a picture on Padlet, or send me an email to show me! We can then have our own virtual Owl Class Garden!
Don’t forget to keep working on your food project – anyone come up with a name for their snack yet?
I will catch up with you all tomorrow,

Lots of love,

Mrs H & Yr6 x

PS: White Rose Maths have released their summer term home learning packs,
all linked to BBC Bitesize! Check them out HERE! 

Hi guys!! It is really odd, sending you this message when I am sitting at my desk in school…! I miss your year 5 faces!!

It’s going to be a little less full on from me now, as I am back in school with our lovely year 6 children! It’s really strange  being here without you lot…

Anyway, how did you get on with the maths problem? Did you enjoy investigating it?

This week, I would like to design a food product snack to eat. You need to think about what you could make, the package and a name. I will send details, so check your email!

I am trying to organise a zoom with us all, so keep your eyes peeled – I’ll let you know when it is!

Have a lovely day, my lovelies!
Mrs H and the Year 6 children xx




Hello, everyone! What a gorgeous sunny day it is!!I hope everything is all good with you, it was lovely to see some of you yesterday on my delivery round!

This week, I would like Year 6 to think about how they might introduce themselves to their new teachers. How will you present yourself? What will you say about yourself? What do you think your secondary school teachers would like to know about you?

Here are some resources to help you guys:


Young Minds 


Year 5... It’s time to complete a challenge! Thank you to everyone who returned their last one, you guys are awesome!!

Click this link and check your email inbox! Parents, the solutions are available here too, although this is more of an exploration into numbers!

Have fun guys, See you soon! Mrs H x


click here!!


Silly-SATs— owl class reasoning

Silly-SATs—arithmetic owl class

Silly-SATs—spelling for owl class

Silly-SATs— my grammar test for owls to mark


A little bit of fun today. It should be SAT’s this week, so I thought we would have a bit of fun… click the link and email me your answers! Let me know how you are getting on!

year 5, you can have a go at this, too!

Love, Mrs H x


I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and you are all healthy and happy as we enter week 8 of lock down. Hopefully, I will get to see you all soon – it has been lovely chatting on the phone with you all and I appreciate all the contact. Please make sure you check in at least once a week with me, and let me know how you are. If you’re feeling a bit lonely or lost, we can ask Jane or Mrs F to give you a ring to support you.

If you haven’t responded to my invite (on email) can you make sure you do by Wednesday? It is likely to happen on Thursday or Friday!

Your project for this week is to make a note of all the things that have changed in your life because of the Corona virus: what do you miss? What do you like about it? Have you learned anything new?

Stay safe and well, guys – catch up soon!
Mrs H xx

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