How do I see my child’s teacher?

Your child’s teacher is available every week on Tuesday’s after school. You need to book an appointment with the School Office in order to do this. If Tuesdays are impossible for you to make then staff are usually flexible and an alternate day can be found. There are also three open evenings a year, one in each term. The Autumn term is an informal look at your child’s work and chance to meet your child’s new teacher. The Spring Term parent’s evening is by appointment, a letter will be sent home with more detail. The Summer Term open evening is after you have received a written report. This evening is an informal chance to have a look around the school and view your child’s work.

How do I see the Head teacher?

We operate an open door policy at Bulmer. If you have a problem we would rather know about it earlier rather than later when a niggle has become a huge problem. A telephone call will always be responded to as soon as possible. Please telephone the school office to book at appointment with the Head teacher.

What do I do if my child is sick?

If your child is unwell then school is not the best place for him/her to be. Please telephone the school on the first morning of the absence and leave a message. If you have not contacted school by 9.30am you will normally receive a telephone call to check on the child’s whereabouts. When your child is better and returns to school a letter is required to inform us of the absence; a little detail may be included. This letter is added to the register which is a legal document.

Do we have School Dinners?

Simply put, yes we do. Our lunches are home cooked on site using fresh, locally sourced produce. See the School Lunches Tab for further details.

How do I order a meal?

The menus run on a three week cycle. Order forms are sent out with the children on week 2 of the existing menu. Order forms and payment should be returned to the office as soon as possible. Orders have to be placed with the suppliers so please ensure prompt return in order that Mrs Gibney can calculate meal numbers, therefore quantities.

Am I entitled to Free School Meals?

Details and an application form can be collected from our School Office.

How can I order items of school uniform?

An order form can be collected from the foyer, from the School Office. Orders are collated and placed on a monthly basis. We carry a limited stock of uniform items in school. The PTA also operate a second hand uniform service.